President Tatar visits the Office of Founding President Denktaş

President Ersin Tatar visited the office of the TRNC Founding President, Rauf Raif Denktaş and the Denktaş Foundation in Lefkoşa – where he met with members of the Denktaş family and officials of the foundation.



The visit took place following the main ceremony held to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the passing of the Founding President at the mausoleum in the morning.

Speaking during his visit to the foundation, the President stated that he was happy to be there. He added that the powerful messages he was giving “are being heard by the people of the world,” and that he “intended to follow in the footsteps of  Denktaş and protect his legacy”. He emphasised that the Turkish Cypriots will always embrace their state, sovereignty and Motherland Turkey.

In the event of negotiations taking place, the President underlined that the righteous struggle of the Turkish Cypriot people will be protected, in line with the set of principles laid down by Mr Denktaş.   

“May he rest in peace,” President Tatar said, adding: “The formula to make possible an agreement will need to be based on sovereign equality, where there are two sovereign States coexisting side-by-side which are in cooperation.”

Stating that despite the great deal of pain and heartache encountered during his lifetime, Mr Denktaş  managed to defend and protect the rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriot people – even under the most difficult conditions.

President Tatar stated that the duties carried out by Mr Denktas, concerning the protection of the rights of the Turkish Cypriots, are detailed in the newly published book authored by Special Representative, Ergün Olgun.

President Tatar said he will continue to defend the principles laid down by the Founding President, and expressed his belief that the Turkish Cypriot people will reach their goals. He said the name of Mr Denktaş will be kept alive and cherished.