Statement of President Ersin Tatar on the wildfire in the Yeşilırmak area

“We hope that the wildfire will be brought under control as soon as possible”


President Ersin Tatar has stated that firefighters and emergency units have been dispatched to the Yeşilırmak area to fight against the wildfire that broke out at noon today.
The President, who made a statement following the meeting of the Crisis Coordination Centre  he chaired in Bademliköy:
“Intensive efforts are underway to extinguish the wildfire which started in the Yeşilırmak area at noon by personnel of our fire brigade, Civil Defence Organisation, Forestry Department personnel and members of the public.
Furthermore, a total of five helicopters – three from the Republic of Türkiye and two from Southern Cyprus,   are assisting the operation to extinguish the fire.  
“I hope that the wildfire will be brought under control in a short period of time, and that the strong windy conditions prevailing in the area decreases. I wish to commend our emergency response units for their rapid response. According to preliminery reports, there is a possibility that the fire has been starteed due to sparks emanating from electrical cables.
Helicopters of the Security Forces Command have also been involved in firefighting efforts from the very first instance. I wish to commend all the emergency response units, organisations and our public for their prompt response and intervention. We are following the developments closely.”