The message of President Ersin Tatar on January 10 Working Journalists' Day

Whilst celebrating most sincerely the 10 January Working Journalists' Day of our press members who are an indispensable force of democracy and freedom of thought, I would also like to wish our press members every success for their efforts that are aimed at keeping the public enlightened and informed -- even under the most difficult circumstances -- whilst adhering to the principles of correct reporting, impartiality and journalistic ethics.

In acknowledgement of the fact that the media and press members carry big responsibilities, it is amongst our duties to solve their problems to enable them to work in a more modern and democratic atmosphere. 
In the national struggle of our people which started in 1878, the contributions of our journalists and press members are significant.  Saded, Zaman, Kıbrıs, Vatan-Seyf, SÖZ, Masum Millet, Halkın Sesi, İstiklal, Bozkurt, Zafer and other newspapers and journals published in those dark days supported our national struggle and became a beacon of light for our people under the most difficult conditions, and became the voice of our just cause.
The main goal and responsibilities of these newspapers have been to publicise and communicate the just cause and communicate the voice of the Turkish Cypriot people to the world, to keep the morale of our people alive as well as to help solve their social and economic problems. When we look back, we are well aware what a great and sacred duty our newspapers and press members have undertaken.
Our expectations from our media and press members is to efficiently utilise the technological advancements of the present day which has enabled them to open up to the rest of the world, through the light of democracy and polyphony, to announce and publicise to the world the truth in Cyprus, the injustices and attacks that Turkish Cypriot people have been subjected to and to have communicated national cause. We need this on behalf of our state and people.
Another expectation we have is for them to act in line with the principles of correct and honest reporting, with impartiality and with respect for personal rights and press ethics. It is amongst the duties of every journalist to oppose lies, slander and false news with black propaganda aimed at defaming our state and country. I firmly believe that our media and our journalists will act in line with these principles. We have always attached importance to the freedom of the press, and we will continue to do our utmost for our media and press workers to work in more contemporary environments.
I congratulate our media and press members who fulfill their responsibilities with great sacrifice in the most difficult conditions especially during this pandemic period and wish success to all of them and I wish Allah’s mercy upon those press members who have lost their lives.