World Environment Day “Recycling Management Project” activity held in Tatlısu

On the occasion of June 5, World Environment Day, an event was held in Tatlısu under the auspices of President Ersin Tatar and First Lady Sibel Tatar – who also attended the event.

The inauguration of the ‘Waste Management Project’ in the village was launched under the slogans of “We care, we transform” and  “We care about our environment for a better world”.

The event was organised in cooperation with the TRNC Presidential Tourism and Environment Committee and Tatlısu Municipality.

Under the project, calls were made, for awareness to be raised on how pollution is harming the environment. Calls made at the event included for “waste to be recycled to give the island a breath", and "plastics released into the environment are carried to the seas by rainwater and threaten marine life”.   Emphasis was made that plastic, paper, metal and glass are not waste, and can be used for recycling by collecting these materials separately which would contribute to the protection of nature, the country's economy and energy savings by recycling waste.



Stressing the meaning and importance of the day, President of the Presidential Tourism and Environment Committee Prof. Dr. Özge Özden said that the event has been organised to commemorate World Environment Day and to raise awareness on the need for all people to take steps that will help protect the environment and keep it free from waste and pollution. Dr Özden added that the event was held under the auspices of First Lady Sibel Tatar – adding that Mrs Tatar “attributes great importance to protecting and having a clean environment and raising awareness for this cause”.

Expressing that this project was carried out for the recycling and disposal of additive waste, Dr Özden noted that the pilot project was carried out in Tatlısu and thanked the stakeholders.

Expressing that they will continue to work to improve waste management throughout the TRNC, Dr Özden said that the project will be carried out by working together with Turkey.



Tatlısu Mayor Hayri Orçan expressed his satisfaction that the waste project realised in Tatlısu, which he said was aimed at setting an important example for the rest of the country, was a dream for them.

“And this dream has come to fruition thanks to the contributions and sensitivity shown by Mrs Sibel Tatar and the TRNC Presidency,” Mr Orçun said.   Explaining that Sibel Tatar called him and said that they were considering this project, Orçan thanked Sibel Tatar, who pioneered the project, saying that the project took shape after the meeting they held at the Presidency.

Expressing that there is sacrifice and sensitivity behind every success, Mr Orçan thanked all stakeholders and everyone who did not spare their efforts, and added that “we have sincere belief in this project that will no doubt have positive contributions to fostering a cleaner, more pollution free environment”.

Mr Orçan, who thanked the young people who will adopt the project in the future for their participation, pointed out that the project was inaugurated today and that the contribution of the public and young people “is important for the success of this project”.



In her speech at the event, First Lady Sibel Tatar stated that those who love nature, the environment and the country attach great importance to the realisation of this project. Mrs Tatar said that whilst consideration was being made as to where this project could be brought to life first, they had, following careful considerations, decided to start with Tatlısu Municipality, which they know attaches great importance to its environment and its people.

Mrs Tatar, in her speech highlighting the contributions of the TRNC Presidency Tourism and Environment Committee, Tatlısu Municipality, the people of Tatlısu and the stakeholder businesses that provide waste recycling to the project, added that they have “planted a seed” with the inauguration of this waste project today. “They can ensure that this seed will germinate and grow to making life a greener and more pleasant place, which will be a collective success. I wish to thank all stakeholders who have helped to make this happen,” she said.

Stating that they will do what is necessary to make legal arrangements and spread this project to the entire TRNC, Sibel Tatar stated that the 'dwarf elephant' and 'Mediterranean seal' used in the project are symbols unique to our island, and that “dwarf elephant fossils found in our country will also be investigated, and these studies will also contribute to tourism,” she stated.


Mrs Tatar stated that they aim to collect not only wastes such as paper and glass but also the most dangerous waste materials such as medical waste within the scope of the project and to achieve zero waste in Tatlısu, where she added:  “I firmly believe that this is achievable for Tatısu, one of our exemplary regions, through the creation of social awareness for our environment and for the Turkish Cypriot people in general.”



In his speech at the event, President Ersin Tatar emphasised that the project was prepared with seriousness and success exceeding the expectations, and that the project was launched “in one of the most beautiful places in the TRNC with its environment, nature and greenery, such as Tatlısu, on June 5 World Environment Day”.

Expressing his belief that this project will be successful, President Tatar thanked the Mayor of Tatlısu Municipality Hayri Orçan, the entire municipality, the people of Tatlısu, the Chief Advisor to the Presidency and the Technical Committees Senior Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Tülen Saner, Chairman of the Tourism and Environment Committee Prof. Dr. Özge Özden Fuller, committee members and his wife, Sibel Tatar.


President Tatar stated that he is happy to carry out such projects as the President, adding that “this project provides a hope for the future and that it is meaningful to use the symbols of the dwarf elephant and Mediterranean seal, which are unique to our country,” he said.   President Tatar called on everyone to work with determination and faith and to protect their environment in order to leave a liveable and clean environment for future generations.

President Tatar drew attention to the dangers we face due to wastes and environmental pollution in a world where we live in an ever-increasing consumption, and emphasised the importance of transferring a liveable clean environment to future generations by protecting our environment and beautiful coastlines as the TRNC.

The President also said that they are working on the matter together and in cooperation with Turkey.

Pointing out that it is the duty of the state to develop and carry forward the youth and children with this awareness and conscience through education, President Tatar emphasised the importance of these developments in increasing the prestige of the TRNC in the world, and expressed his wish that this project will be successful in Tatlısu and spread throughout the country rapidly.


After the speeches, the first wastes were left on the objects prepared in the form of a dwarf elephant and seal, where the project was inaugurated.