President Ersin Tatar’s message on March 14, Medicine Day

President Ersin Tatar issued a message commemorating March 14, Medicine Day: 

“For the last two years, as the rest of the world, we have also been commemorating March 14, Medicine Day in pandemic conditions.   

Due to the profession putting human life above all else and requiring devotion irrespective of the difficulties faced, medical doctors from the moment they enter the university and throughout their career, need to continue to renew and update themselves.  It is a career which requires being in the centre of research, keeping up to date with the scientific social and technological advancements and this  has once again been evident with the Covid-19 pandemic period that the world is going through.

The purpose of medicine is to secure the health of people, and to ensure a good quality of life and their wellbeing.  Covid-19 has acted as a stark reminder as to the great importance of human health, and therefore, medicine, in our lives. 

I wish to take this opportunity to commend all of our health workers, and our public, for putting forward a great struggle and solidarity during this period for all of our wellbeing. 

Important headways have been made in the TRNC during the pandemic period in treating patients, following the strides made by scientists in developing effective diagnosis and treatment methods. 

We have watched with honour Turkish doctors and other health workers at times leading medical science, or contributing directly to make a breakthrough in the battle against the pandemic during this period. 

Out of 193 countries that are members of the United Nations, 50 countries have simultaneously started to vaccinate their populations against Covid-19. With the support of the Republic of Turkey, the TRNC has also simultaneously taken her place in the vaccination programme alongside the 50 countries. Near to 15% of the population of the TRNC has been vaccinated, which means that with this proportion, TRNC has taken its place in the top 10 countries. 

Living a healthy life is the most basic right of every individual and, as such, everyone deserves to have access to good quality health services. The fundamental objective should be for states to provide their citizens a healthy and high-standard of living by providing a social-economic and cultural setting. In this context, the global infrastructure investments made in our country during the last year in the field of health are assurances of a better public health system in the future.   

On behalf of myself and in the name of our citizens, I wish to commend the March 14, Medical Day to all our doctors and health workers, who have devoted their lives to the health of humanity, and I wish to state that as we entrust our lives and wellbeing to them, they have a very special place in our hearts.”